Terms and Conditions

R&S Security Specialists Limited provides its services and purchases goods for its customers on the following terms and conditions

The meaning of some words used in these terms and conditions:

we, us or our
is a reference R&S Security Specialists Limited

you or your
is a reference to the person to whom we are providing our Services or supplying Goods and is required to pay for the Services we provide and the Goods we supply;

means the goods we shall buy for you and which you will pay for;

means any materials, goods, parts, or items we need to buy necessarily in order to perform the Services but does not include the Goods we will be purchasing for you;

means the place where we will provide the Services; and

means the advice, opinion, provision of Goods and installation we will provide in connection with your requirements. The precise Services we will be providing to you will be stated in the quotation and as we agree from time to time.

Entering into a legally binding contract

A contract between you and us will come into being in one of two ways:

when you sign the quotation we and you will enter into a legally binding contract on the date you sign.

where you and we agree orally that we should provide the Services and/or the Goods then there will be a legally binding contract on the date of our oral agreement.

We suggest that before you sign the quotation or orally agree to us providing Services and Goods that you read through these terms and conditions. If you have any questions concerning them please ask us.

You should keep a copy of these terms and conditions for your records.

Providing the Services

Once we and you have entered into a legally binding contract we will normally start providing the Services to you at the Premises using the Materials straight away on delivery of the Goods or on a date agreed between us without further discussion with you. Occasionally the Services will be provided at some other date or time or be dependent on a number of factors.

Our aim is to always provide you with the Services:

using reasonable care and skill.

in compliance with commonly accepted practices and standards in the security industry, and the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board with whom we are accredited.

in compliance with industry relevant laws and regulations in force at the time we are carry out the Services.


You and we shall agree the Goods that you wish us to buy (except where you have allowed us to decide what Goods to purchase).

Once it has been decided what Goods will be bought for you or supplied to you it will not be possible for you to cancel or change what is bought or supplied (except as you are permitted to do so under law).

Where any Services need to be performed in relation to the Goods (such as installing the Goods, fitting the Goods, or making them ready to be used) we assume that:

any supplies of such things as electricity, water, telephone, and internet connection are available; and

existing systems, goods, wiring, pipes, electricity, gas, walls etc to which Goods are to be connected, added etc are in good working order and suitable for the installation, fitting or configuring of the Goods; and

if the Goods are to be connected to other goods or systems then such connection is suitable and permitted (either by the manufacturer or maker or by law).

The Goods will be in accordance with statutory requirements, be of satisfactory quality, meet any description concerning them and be fit for the normal purposes. If there are particular purposes for which the Goods will be used then we need to be made aware of these before the Goods are ordered.

Days and times when we normally provide the Services and performance of Services away from the Premises

Unless we agree otherwise we will provide the Services on normal working days and start work no earlier than 8.30am and finish work no later than 5pm. A normal working day for us means Mondays to Fridays, excluding any bank or other national holidays.

The performance of some of the Services may take place away from the Premises. For example, we may be able only to carry out some of the activities in performing the Services other than at your Premises or when you are present.


At the time we perform the Services we may not have all the Materials we need to perform the Services. This may be for a number of reasons such as:

we have not provided an estimate and cannot reasonably establish what Materials are necessary until we start performing the Services; or

where we have provided an estimate, the need for particular Materials may not be reasonably possible to establish at the time we provide the estimate. The need for the particular Materials may only be revealed when we start performing the Services; or

whether or not we have provided an estimate, the condition of an item which is the subject of the Services may only become apparent when we start performing the Services and it was not reasonably possible to establish it until that point.

In such cases we may need to buy Materials. If Materials are available from a local supplier then we normally wish to travel to the supplier and buy the Materials and return to continue performing the Services. If the Materials are not available from a local supplier we normally order the Materials and return to continue to perform the Services. We will not charge you for any time spent in obtaining Materials if we have brought or ordered the wrong Materials.

Our responsibility to perform the Services and deliver the Goods by particular dates
We aim to carry out the Services and the delivery of the Goods by the dates and times we either agree with you or notify to you. But we cannot guarantee or provide a firm commitment that

we will start performing the Services by a specified date or time; or

we will complete the performance of all the Services by any specified date or time; or

the performance of any individual part of the Services will be completed by a specified date or time; or

the Goods will be delivered at the times or dates specified.

What can happen if we cannot start performing the Services or complete performing the Services

If we do not start or complete performing the Services within a reasonable period from the date(s) we have agreed or notified then you may either choose either to continue to wait until we can start performing the Services or complete performing them or you can cancel the contract.

Where we have started performing the Services and you decide you wish to cancel the contract you will only have to pay for any Services we have performed up to the date of cancellation and for any Goods and/or Materials which we have legal obligation to pay for. If you have made payment(s) to us in excess of the amount of Services we have performed or Goods and/or Materials we have purchased, we will return the difference to you within 7 days of cancellation.

What is a reasonable period of time depends on the type of Services we will be performing and the length of time they will take to perform. For example, if you and we believe that the Services will take only a few hours to perform, then if we fail to start performing the Services (e.g. half a day) then you may have the right to cancel. But if the Services are due to take several weeks to perform, then if we fail to start to perform the Services after a couple of weeks when are due to or we do not perform the Services during a couple of weeks when we were due to, then in such circumstances you may be entitled to cancel the contract.

Situations or events outside our reasonable control

In addition, there are certain situations or events which occur which are not within our reasonable control (some examples are given in clause 7.3.2 below). Where one of these occurs we will normally attempt to recommence performing the Services as soon the situation which has stopped us performing the Services has been resolved. In such circumstances there may be a delay (sometimes a substantial delay) before we can start or continue performing the services.

The following are examples or events or situations which are not within in our reasonable control:

where weather conditions make it impossible or unsafe for us to perform any of the Services.

if the Materials or Goods are not delivered on the date or at the time agreed with the supplier of the Materials and/or Goods (and it is not possible to obtain a replacement from an alternative supplier at all or within a reasonable amount of time, or the price charged by the alternative supplier is excessively higher than by the original supplier if ordered at short notice).

where you make a change in the Services you wish us to perform (and this results in, e.g., us having to do further work or wait for new or different Materials and/or Goods).

where we have to wait for other providers of services (who have been engaged by you) to complete their work before we are able to perform the Services (or the relevant part of the Services dependant on the other provider).

where we are unable to gain access to the Premises to carry out the Services at the times and dates we have agreed with you.

where the areas in the Premises have not been readied by you as we and you have agreed in order for us to perform the Services; or

for other some unforeseen or unavoidable event or situation which is beyond our control.

If the delay in us recommencing performing the Services will be excessive then we will offer you the option of either:

continuing to wait until we are able to recommence performing the Services: if you are required to make any payments during this period (for example if we and you have agreed that you will pay us in staged amounts) then we will not require you to make any of the payments required until we are able to recommence performing the Services; or

allowing you cancel the contract: if you choose this option then you will only have to pay for any Services we have performed up to the date of cancellation and for any Materials and/or Goods which we have a legal obligation to pay for. If you have made payment(s) to us in excess of the amount of Services we have performed or Materials and/or Goods we have purchased, we will return the difference to you within 7 days of cancellation.

Price, estimates and payment

Our charges based on time spent

We normally charge for our Services on a time basis. We charge for each hour we spend in providing our Services.

Call outs will incur a fixed charge and then a charge for every 15 minutes spent on site thereafter (exclusive of VAT)

Maintained customers have access to the companies out of hours service and do have a preferential rate for these, a current schedule of our rates and support charges is available on request.

Non-Maintained customers do not have access to our out of hours service and must call in normal working hours, our charges for our Services are set out in our current schedule of rates and support charges which is available on request.

Our charges based on a quote

If we provide an estimate then we will charge you the amount stated in the estimate rather than a charge based on the time taken in performing the Services.
Note: we provide quotations based on an estimate of how much we will charge. Quotations are normally valid for a period of 60 days from the date they are given.

As we can only estimate the work to be undertaken we may need to charge you a higher amount than stated in the Quotation. This can occur for a number of reasons, in particular where:

what you require us to do changes, or the amount of work or Services you require us to provide increases or is different to what we and you agreed before we started performing the Services and as stated in the estimate; or

when we start performing the Services, it becomes apparent that the quantity of Services we will need to perform or the type of work that is involved is different to what we agreed before we started performing the Services and we could not reasonably foresee this before we started performing the Services.

Where the amount of work involved is greater than that stated in an estimate (as set out in clause 8.2.2 then following will happen:

if the amount of extra time we need to spend to complete performing the Services will mean that the extra amount payable by you will not exceed 10% of the amount stated in the estimate, then will carry on providing and completing the Services without contacting you and obtaining your agreement; or

otherwise we will not continue performing the Services and we will seek your approval to the extra amount that you will need to pay, unless:

it is not possible to contact you within a reasonable time; or

it is not safe not to carry out and finish performing the Services (for example, your goods or premises may be left in a dangerous condition or unprotected from theft if the Services are not completed).

Payment for the purchase of the Goods
You will need to pay for any Goods before or at the time we buy or order them (plus the costs of delivery). For your information, most Goods we buy will need to be paid for in advance of purchase or at the time of ordering. We will retain ownership of any Goods until you have paid for them (whether or not the Goods are delivered or have been subject to the Services we are to perform concerning them).

When payment is required for the Services
Payment for our Services and the Materials are normally made in two ways, either:

at the time we complete performing the Services; or

in a number of staged payments, often involving: the payment of a deposit of 30% before we commence performing the Services; and

the payment of the remaining amount on completion of the Services

Which payment term shall apply will be indicated on our estimate.

All amounts stated (whether orally or in writing) are exclusive of VAT, which will be added at the rate currently in force.

If you do not pay when required to
If you fail to make payment by the date or time we and you agree we may:

charge you interest (at Bank of England’s base interest rate plus 8%) on any outstanding amounts if those outstanding amounts remain unpaid for more than 45 days from the date of our invoice or when we asked you first to pay them; and/or

if the amounts not paid represent more than 10% of the total value of the Services we are to perform for you and there remain some Services which we have not yet performed, then we may suspend performing the remaining Services until you make payment.

Where you seek to not pay amounts due to us
You will not refuse to pay any amount owing to us where there is only a minor or inconsequential defect or error in the performance of the Services. You will be entitled only to refuse to pay no more than a proportionate amount of any amount due

Things you will need to do

If we are performing the Services at the Premises then you should:

make the areas where the Services are to be performed ready.

remove any items etc which will stop or hinder in the performance of the Services.

protect your items or possessions from the effects of us performing the Services; and

allow us to gain access to the Premises at the dates and times we and you have agreed we will perform the Services.

You will obtain all necessary consents, permissions, and approvals before we start performing the Services.

You will make available domestic facilities at the Premises as we reasonably require.

You will make yourself available on the final day of installation of the Goods to enable us to provide a hand over to demonstrate the operation of the Goods. If you are not available on the final day of installation we will schedule the hand over meeting on another date and will charge you an additional fixed fee of £55 plus £13.50 for every 15 minutes thereafter we spent on site (plus VAT).

You will not charge, pledge, remove, permit to be removed, part with possession or otherwise deal with any of the Goods we install for you which have not been sold to you.

You will, prior to the commencement of our Services, notify us of any proposed structural alteration to your premises or any other modification which may affect the Goods or to which it may be linked. Any extension to or alteration of the Goods which may thereby become necessary shall be carried out by us at additional cost to you.

You will ensure that you provide and maintain a dedicated 240v AC unswitched fused spur power supply for the Goods which must be installed to comply with current regulations. Advice regarding the location of such equipment will be provided by us.

Some restrictions and assumptions

We will assume that all information, measurements, and facts (Measurements) that you provide are accurate and true.

We will not accept liability for any loss or damage caused where we reasonably perform our Services in reliance of these.

We will be responsible for any Measurements we make or provide.


We warrant that, for a period of 12 months from installation, the Goods shall:

conform in all material respects to any sample, their description and to the Specification.

be free from material defects in design, material, and workmanship.

if Goods, be of satisfactory quality within the meaning of the Sale of Goods Act 1979; and

if Services, be supplied with reasonable care and skill within the meaning of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, Part II, s 13.

be fit for purpose and any purpose held out by us and as otherwise required to meet your needs; and

any media on which the results of the Services are supplied shall be of satisfactory quality within the meaning of the Sale of Goods Act 1979.

The 12-month warranty period may be extended on an annual basis by taking out one of our service contracts. Contract details will be provided to you with your quote prior to our installation of the Goods.

You warrant that you have provided us with all relevant, full, and accurate information as to your needs.

We shall, at our option, correct, repair, remedy, re-perform or refund the Goods that do not comply with clause 9, provided that you:

give us written notification not later than 5 Business Days from installation in the case of defects discoverable by a physical inspection, or within a reasonable period of time from installation in the case of latent defects.

such notice specifies that some or all of the Goods or Services do not comply with clause 9.1 and identifying in sufficient detail the nature and extent of the defects; and

give us a reasonable opportunity to examine the claim of the defective Goods or Services.

The provisions of these Conditions shall apply to Goods or Services that are corrected, repaired, remedied or reperformed with effect from delivery or performance of Goods or Services.

Except as set out in this clause 9:

we give no warranty and makes no representations in relation to Goods or Services.

shall have no liability for their failure to comply with the warranty in clause 9.1.

shall have no liability for the failure of pre-existing systems not supplied or installed by us; and

shall have no liability for systems not operating at optimal level due to your broadband not being delivered at a high enough specification, and all warranties and conditions (including the conditions implied by ss 12–16 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 and ss 13–15 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979), whether express or implied by statute, common law or otherwise are excluded to the extent permitted.

If we are called to perform upon the warranty set out at Clause 9 by you and upon inspecting the Goods or Services identify that the issue is not under warranty, you will be charged a fixed call out charge, parts and time on side as set out in our schedule of rates, a copy is available on request.  

Exclusion and limitation of liability

We do not exclude or limit liability for our negligence or negligent omission which causes you personal injury or death.

We shall only be liable for any loss or damaged suffered by you which is reasonably foreseeable consequence of a breach of this Agreement. In the event that any loss or damage suffered by you relates to your business activities then we exclude all liability and in particular we exclude all liability for loss of profits or other economic loss arising of a breach of this contract.

Although the Goods are designed and installed to the best of our skill and knowledge to reduce the risks of loss or to deter intruders, we do not represent or warrant that the Goods may not be neutralised, circumvented, or otherwise rendered ineffective by you, any intruder or other unauthorised person. In such an event we shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you, any intruder or other unauthorised person.

We shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Goods or any malfunction of the Goods if this was caused by the Goods being tampered with, worked upon or otherwise by anyone other than us.

Communicating with us

You can always telephone (our contact numbers are 01302 215446 or 0808 2040 346).

However, for important matters we suggest that you use writing and send any communications by e-mail to support@rs-security.co.uk.

Cancellation by you

Once we and you enter into a binding contract you will normally not be able to cancel the contract, except where we agree or as otherwise provided for in this contract.

If we agree to cancel then you will be responsible for the cost of:

any of our time in performing the Services up to the date we stop providing the Services.

any Materials we are contractually committed to buying up to the date of termination (whether or not we need to pay for them before or after the date the contract between us and you is cancelled). Any Materials we have purchased (but not used in performing the Services) will be delivered to you.

In the circumstances stated in clause 13.2 we will first deduct the amounts for which you are responsible from any deposit you have paid. Any remaining deposit will be returned to you. If the amount owing is greater than the deposit we will return invoice you for the amount in excess of the deposit.

If you:

purport to cancel the contract; or

give notice purporting to cancel; or

otherwise do not fulfil your obligations (such as by not paying any sums due to be paid to us) in a way which amounts to you cancelling the contract,

we do not have to accept your cancellation except as provided in clause 13.2 or as otherwise provided for in this contract. However, we may choose to accept cancellation, and if we choose to do so you will be required to pay to us a reasonable amount for the losses and costs (including loss of profit) we have suffered. If you have paid a deposit, this will be retained and if our reasonable losses and costs (including loss of profit) are greater than the deposit we have retained we will require you to pay for our losses and costs in excess of the deposit retained

Amendments to the contract terms and conditions

We will have the right to amend the terms and conditions of this contract where:

we need to do so in order to comply with changes in the law or for regulatory reasons; or

we are changing the rates we charge for the provision of Services as provided for in clause 8.

we need to correct any errors or omissions (and this right includes the right to change any of the documentation which forms part of the contract), as long such correction is minor and does not materially affect the contract.

Where we are making any amendment we will give you 30 days’ prior notice (unless the contract is terminated before that period).

Contacting each other
If you wish to send us any notice or letter then it needs to be sent to R & S Security Specialists Ltd. The Old Brickyard, Cow House Lane, Armthorpe, Doncaster DN3 3EE and should be marked for the attention of Richard Sanders. If we wish to send you a letter or notice we will use the address you have given in the quotation.

Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999
For the purposes of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 this contract is not intended to, and does not, give any person who is not a party to it any right to enforce any of its provisions.

Law and jurisdiction
This contract shall be governed and construed by the law of England and you, and we agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Installation and Maintenance Terms and Conditions

Installation Recognised Standards and Grading
All R&S Security Specialist Ltd security systems are designed, installed, and maintained in compliance with current European and British Standards, and are accredited by the Industry Inspectorate SSAIB.

Grading Assessment, Design and Signalling Standards for Intruder Alarms

Grade 1: Low risk (DIY only)

Grade 2: Low to medium risk (most domestic, small commercial or retail properties)

Grade 3: Medium to high risk (most large commercial properties) *

Grade 4: Highest risk (Banks, MoD sites etc) *

Site Survey
In accordance with the industry standard, we have carried out a site survey and risk assessment to your property. This assessment relates solely to the grading and design of the proposed security system and is based upon information and any valuations available at the time of the survey. Please note that it is always recommended that you check our system grading with your insurance company to ensure their acceptance.

Remote Signalling Equipment*
In the case of remotely monitored security systems, we recommend a dedicated ex-directory telephone line is used as this offers superior line protection, particularly in the case of digital communicator monitored systems, where the telephone line can be blocked by an incoming call rendering it inoperative and unable to transmit alarm conditions. It is also preferable to ensure all telephone lines should enter the premises either underground or covertly to prevent the line being cut. We further recommend that the remote monitoring of your system is by either Red-Care or Dual-Com GPRS systems. These are both accepted by your insurance company. By selecting either of these two systems, should your telephone line be tampered with, then this event plus any other security system activations will still be transmitted to your monitoring station.

Remote Signalling Response*

Keyholder Response: Should you require keyholder response only, then on receipt of the 1st system activation your monitoring station will inform your selected keyholders (in turn) of that activation. Your system password must be quoted whenever you or any keyholders are contacted. The local police force will not be informed, and it will be the responsibility of the keyholder to request Police attendance at site.

Police Force Response: Should you require Police response to your security system then it must comply with the Association of Chief Police Officers Policy (ACPO) for security systems. This states that your security system must use sequential alarm verification, this means that your monitoring station must receive two system activations within a 30-minute timeframe as confirmation that your premises have been attacked.

On receipt of the first system activation your keyholders as in (i) above will be called. On receipt of a second confirmation signal within the 30-minute timeframe your monitoring station will call the local Police force and request attendance at site. The system will be programmed to reset automatically after 30 minutes after a non-confirmed activation. If you activate your security system accidently and the correct user code is entered within 2 minutes of that activation, this will abort the signal and your monitoring station will take no further action.

Police Response to Remote Signalling Systems*

Level 1: Priority Police response will only be provided to intruder alarm systems until such time as three (3) false alarms have been received or two (2) false alarms for hold-up alarms in any rolling twelve (12) month period, after which all police response will be withdrawn. After the first two (2) false alarms for intruder or one (1) for hold-up alarms the client will be advised that should a further false alarm be received, as in (i) above, then police response shall cease. You must contact your security provider at this point.

Level 2: Withdrawn by ACPO in April 2006.

Level 3: Police response will be completely withdrawn fourteen days after receiving your Police notification of withdrawal letter. For police response to be re-instated your security system must be completely free of false alarms for a period of three (3) months, with evidence to this effect being given to the relevant Police force by your security provider.

Remote Signalling Systems and Client Responsibilities*
It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they appoint a minimum of two reliable keyholders whose details will be held on file by your monitoring station. Appointed keyholders must be able to attend the protected premises within twenty (20) minutes of such notification, be able to access the property and trained to operate the alarm system. You will need to complete a company keyholder form which includes a section requesting that you also give password details. This password must be known by all your keyholders as it will be requested by your monitoring station on any occasion that they need to contact you or vice-versa. Please note that if any keyholder is unable to give your system password then they will not be able to action any request for Police response.

Remote Signalling System Servicing*
Please note that all remote monitored security systems with Police response must be serviced at six monthly intervals to comply with the ACPO Policy. This will be done by calling at the client’s premises twice annually should we suspect any problems with the system since the previous service, or normally by servicing the security system on site each anniversary and doing a Remote Engineering and Support Service every second service. This type of service provides full remote diagnostic facilities to your monitored security systems and complies fully with the industry standards and our inspectorate the SSAIB.

External Warning Devices
In accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 the external audible warning devices will operate for a maximum of 15 minutes, after which time they will automatically silence. Normally the strobe light will continue to flash until the system is reset to indicate to the customer that there has been a system activation.

Noise Pollution Act 1974
Under the Control of Pollution Act 1974 it is an offence to create a noise nuisance. Accordingly the external sounder must switch off automatically after 15 minutes. This is also a requirement of the London Local Authorities Act, which empowers authorised officers of the Local Authorities concerned to seek a warrant to enter premises to silence an alarm causing annoyance. In addition, under the Control of Noise Order 1981, it is required that the Local Environment Health Authority are informed of an active audible system within 48 hours of the installation. This is to be done by you, by completing and submitting the forms enclosed in the system handover pack. For the latest information see The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (2005). The audible alarm is designed to sound for a period of no longer than 15 minutes.

CCTV Lighting
It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the CCTV System has adequate white lighting. This is necessary to ensure good picture quality and images during the hours of darkness. Normally your lighting has assessed post installation, at which stage our company representative will advise you as to what, if any, additional lighting may be required. You will be given an extra quotation for any work required to achieve the best results.

Data Protection Act & CCTV Warning Signs
Small warning signs will be installed in prominent positions adjacent to where CCTV images are recorded and stored for viewing.

Please note that it is the responsibility of YOU THE CLIENT to register your CCTV System with the Data Protection Registrar, by telephone 01625-545740 or visiting www.dataprotection.gov.uk <http://www.dataprotection.gov.uk>.

Standards and principles based on the requirements of the 1998 Data Protection Act state that they must be:

a) Fairly and lawfully processed
b) Processed for limited purposes and not in any manner incompatible with those purposes
c) Adequate, relevant, and not excessive.
d) Accurate e) Not kept longer than necessary
f) Processed in accordance with individuals’ rights
g) Secure
h) Not transferred to other countries without adequate protection

Fire Alarm Sounder Information
The quantity of sounders detailed in our proposal and resultant sound levels are based on our past experience of similar buildings.

Fire Alarm Guidance Fire Alarm Categories

Category M Systems: These are manual systems and therefore incorporate no automatic fire detectors

Category L Systems: These are automatic fire detection systems intended for the protection of life. They are further subdivided into the following subcategories of system as follows:

Category L1: Systems installed throughout all areas of the building.

Category L2: Systems installed only in defined parts of the building, including all parts necessary to satisfy the recommendations of the code for a Category L3 System. The additional areas protected, over and above those protected in a Category L3 system, are those in which there is either high likelihood of fire starting or a high risk.

Category L3: Systems designed to give warning of fire at an early enough stage to enable all occupants other than, possibly those in the room of fire origin, to escape safely, before the escape routes are impassable due to the presence of fire, smoke, or toxic gases. To satisfy this objective, other than in the case of very short corridors, fire detectors need to be installed in all rooms or areas that open onto the escape routes.

Category L4: Systems installed within those parts of the escape routes comprising circulation areas and circulation spaces, such as corridors and stairways.

Category L5: Systems in which the protected area(s) and/or the location of detectors is designed to satisfy a specific fire safety objective (other than that of a Category L1, L2, L3 or L4 system).

Category P Systems: These are automatic fire detection systems intended for the protection of property. There are then two subcategories, namely:

Category P1: Systems installed throughout all areas of the building.

Category P2: Systems installed only in defined parts of the building.

Existing Equipment and Cable Infrastructure
R&S Security Specialists Ltd does not accept the responsibility or any liability for the performance or reliability of any existing equipment, cabling or wiring that has not been approved, supplied, or installed by R&S Security Specialists Ltd.

Our Surveyors and Engineers have a valuable wealth of knowledge and experience, however, even with visual checks and customers’ site history being presented, it is impossible to foresee any underlying problems i.e. Damaged or missing cables, equipment failures, sporadic faults or loss of images caused by induced EMF, poor earth supplies or interference from poorly installed cables. Therefore, any return visits, additional labour or equipment will be charged accordingly at the prevailing rate.

Site Access / Access Equipment
Unless specifically requested and otherwise confirmed in writing we have not made any allowance or included in the quotation the following:

Labour and equipment requiring anything other than normal hand tools for installation purposes

Work outside normal working hours, 0830-1700 hours Monday to Friday, excluding public bank holidays

Site induction lasting over one hour or requiring specific training

It is the customers’ responsibility to move all stock and/or any obstruction that may impede or delay our engineers during the installation. Lifting carpets will be carried out by our engineers.

While every care will be taken, we cannot accept responsibility for carpets to be replaced as originally fitted.

Our proposal is based on free access to all areas of installation and continuous, unimpeded working, whilst on site.

Unless specifically requested and otherwise confirmed in writing, we have not made allowance in the quotation for any site-specific health and safety requirements other than our own reasonable care and attention in carrying out the works

Access lifting equipment required for the installation work and service / maintenance will be the responsibility of the customer, who will need to provide or pay for the hire of the equipment prior to the start date.

Electrical and Communication Requirements
It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that prior to the installation date a 3amp un-switched fuse spur unit is installed adjacent to the area where the main control equipment is to be located and should be in full compliance with current electrical wiring regulations.

It is down to the customer to maintain the on-site LAN connection with adequate upload and download speeds to allow Smart Phone integration to work correctly. We cannot be held responsible for the upkeep of this service and any alterations to the broadband, router or new devices which require a re-visit. To re-instate this connection will be charged at the prevailing rate as detailed in our schedule of rates which is available on request.

Civil Works
R&S Security Specialists Ltd can confirm that any civil works required for this design proposal are to be the responsibility of others unless confirmed in writing. This includes catenary wire, ducting / draw wires, trenches, and concrete bases etc.

Manuals / Specifications
One set of manuals and the System Design Proposal are included within the quotation to show the operation and approximate location of the installed equipment. Any additional required, will be charged as extra.

We have included within our proposal for the issue of a SSAIB (Security Systems Alarm Inspectorate Board) Certificate of Compliance in support of the scope of work conducted on the system fitted within the System Design Proposal.

Interested Parties
We strongly recommend that a copy of the System Design Proposal is passed to your insurers and other interested parties for approval prior to the commencement of any works, to ensure that the security grading and notification options of the system meet, or continue to meet, with their requirements for the insured risk.

Health and Safety
R&S Security Specialists Ltd are committed to ensuring that all our activities are carried out in a manner capable of ensuring that health and safety of our employees and those in close proximity to our working area is not compromised. To assist us in completing our obligations we require you to advise us of the existence of any hazards e.g., asbestos that we may encounter on your site.

Contract Period
The contract period is a period no less than 12 months and will auto renew on the anniversary unless cancelled as per item 23 below.

Cancellation Notice
This is the notice required to terminate the contract between you (the customer) and R&S Security Specialists Ltd, for the contract we provide for your electronic security system which is no less than 3 months and only after the initial 12-month contract period has expired.


All security systems experiencing malfunction due to customer neglect, abuse, alterations to property, broadband upgrades, internet outages, App additions or alterations, damaged cables, rodent damage, power issues, lightning strikes, flood/water, or other Acts of God are excluded from our system warranties and are therefore subject to our normal callout/parts charges at the prevailing rate.

Smartphone integration is NOT a vital part of your security system; it is a third-party service provided by the manufacturers to give indications to smartphones or tables of the status of the system and does NOT form part of the systems operation. From time-to-time things fail, including internet outages, network issues and third-party software issues. Failure to connect to the App is not an emergency and may not be covered under any warranty depending on the cause of failure. Callouts to App issues could therefore be chargeable under the prevailing rates detailed above.

Terms and Conditions
R&S Security Specialists Ltd Company Terms and Conditions are available to view online at www.rssecurityspecialists.co.uk <http://www.rssecurityspecialists.co.uk> or by contacting us on 01302 215446.

System Maintenance
In line with our terms and conditions and as part of the Maintenance / Warranty package, we will provide you with ongoing maintenance and emergency support to your system on a 12-month rolling contract.

We offer a 3-stage automated booking in service; this is to arrange the maintenance visit.

These will be sent out either by email or letter and may be followed up phone calls in between letters (if applicable).

1st Reminder (up to 1 month prior to the anniversary of the contact). The first automated reminder letter will be sent out when the maintenance contract renewal and system service is due to take place the following month.

2nd Reminder (The anniversary date is the month the system was originally installed or taken over). The second reminder letter will be sent out as the maintenance contract renewal is now due and your service needs booking in for this month.

3rd & Final Reminder (up to 1 month after the anniversary date). The third and final reminder letter will be sent out as the service is now overdue and action needs to be taken asap. Failure to respond by the end of the third and final reminder will result in the contract being terminated as will no longer be able to support your system or provide you with any warranty originally included in your agreement.

 You can call any time during working hours to make an appointment for your service visit, our contact details are, 01302 215446 or you can email us at support@rs-security.co.uk.

 * Only applicable to systems with remote signalling



BAFE Fire Safety
Gate Safe
SSAIB Accreditation

Customer Reviews

Excellent customer service throughout. Professional and friendly staff and reasonably priced. Would highly recommend. Thank you Richard and your wonderful team.

Pam Webb

I have used R & S Security for a number of projects I have worked on and will continue to do so. I have found their prices to be competitive but its sometimes not all about cost. The service in which I have received from this company is second to none. Their ability to work in what can be challenging conditions and always do a fabulous job leaving the premises clean and tidy, showing my clients how to operate the systems they have installed. This is backed up by full documentation and certification. Keep us the great work guys!! and look forward to working with you on another project.

UK Modular Buildings Ltd

Have used this company for years. Great service. Would highly recommend

Mr Broome

Absolutely brilliant firm. They do what they say, when they say and are always on hand to answer any queries no matter how small. Response time and call out is second to none. Really efficient. Keep up the good work!

NCM Auctions

Excellent quality cameras & equipment. All our alarms in our commercial & residential properties for the past 15 years have been reliable & mostly lasting. The fault service has been prompt in general, the engineers they employ care about your fault & time, we will carry on using them & will pass there number into to our friends & associates to use gladly.

Chris Hall Motorcyclces


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