Police Response Monitored Intruder Alarm

Over the weekend one of our customers in Doncaster got broken into!

Thanks to their monitored alarm system with police response the perpetrator was caught in the act and immediately arrested.
This is an accurate log of the events on Sunday. Sharing this may show how effective a monitored system can be for your business.
16:00 Intruder signal was sent to the monitoring station
16:02 Confirmed activation
16:03 Monitoring station called police contact
16:05 Police responded and on route to site
16:10 Customer called our out of hours number to repair alarm and reset for the remainder of the weekend
16:38 Engineer arrived onsite
17:19 Engineer left site with building secure and alarm set again
Needless to say they are extremely happy with their system and have just taken another years maintenance and monitoring with us.

If it wasn't for this intruder alarm, our site would of been left vulnerable and the burglars would of gotten away. Really impressed with this system and will continue to have it maintained with these guys. Quick response times and really effective high tech equipment.

BAFE Fire Safety
Gate Safe
SSAIB Accreditation