Following one of our customer referrals, a local businessman contacted us, who had quite an interesting requirement: Managing a European company he was frequently out of the country so he required a total security system that would allow him to concentrate on the business and forget about risks to his home.


A plan of the building and grounds was drawn up with a risk assessment of the whole site. We revisited the client with options of several different technologies to illustrate the levels of security the system could achieve. Despite the complex benefits the final proposal included, we made sure the system was really user-friendly and that it would be super-reliable for the customer’s peace-of-mind. In assessing the proposal, the following key issues were identified:

  • The property is on ten acres of rural land and subjected to extreme weather conditions.
  • The broadband in the area was poor.
  • The buildings have a traditional, heritage style so the equipment also had to have an aesthetically pleasing look and feel.
  • There are continually roaming pets and wildlife around the grounds.
  • There is a number of shrubs, trees and hedges to inhibit the system’s coverage.
  • There is also uneven grounds to contend with.
  • The client has expensive cars and even a helicopter is present on occasions.


R&S Security specified a state-of-the-art CCTV system using Pan-Tilt-Zoom dome cameras with night vision linked to laser beams surrounding the full perimeter of the site and triggering digital recording with offsite 24-hour monitoring. We also integrated an intelligent burglar alarm system covering the main house and its surrounding buildings.

The external detection was built for stability and reliability and consists of 12 sets of external quad beams. These are sited in two-metre towers with heater units for frost-free reliability, strategically placed around the perimeter of the site which provide an early response of an unauthorised perimeter entry. The beams integrate into the intruder alarm and the CCTV and if triggered, a voice audio warning alert is sounded from the area that has been breached. This also directs the appropriate camera to zoom and focus on the intrusion, and the system alerts the emergency monitoring station of the unauthorised intruder. To power the connectivity of this system, we sourced a supplier to fit point-to-point broadband, installing a small dish on the side of the premises which gave the customer 80Mbps upload and 10Mbps download speed to ensure an instant response of his alarm system.


An extremely satisfied customer who feels safe and secure that the system works well and gives him peace of mind when they are at home or away.




May 2014


Richard Sanders


CCTV & Intruder Alarm System

After inviting 4 different security companies to my premises to quote me for a security system, I instantly felt comfortable with R&S Security. Nothing is too much trouble for this company, the office staff and engineers are polite and friendly and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. They were punctual, smart and immediately I felt confident with the way they explained and advised me of the system they could offer. Their attention to detail and level of commitment to my project was their priority, they visited on numerous occasions bringing different suppliers and samples of products and I felt very happy and excited to see the end result. Keep up the good work!

Dale Robinson, Homeowner

BAFE Fire Safety
Gate Safe
SSAIB Accreditation