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Fire Alarms

Our Fire Alarm Maintenance Scheme has been designed to provide ultimate safety and efficiency. 

Legally a fire alarm system requires servicing once or twice per year depending on the site to comply with the relevant industry standards. This provides peace of mind that the system is functioning correctly.

Through our maintenance package, we will thoroughly test the whole system each visit, checking that the batteries and voltages are satisfactory. We will carry out a walk test on all manual and automatic devices to ensure that they are functioning correctly along with all the audible and visual equipment. 

Warranty is available on any Fire Alarm System for 12 months that we have installed.

The Fire Alarm Maintenance Scheme will consist of the following:

  • Visually and electronically checking of all circuits, connections and contacts for signs of deterioration to minimize the risk of false alarms or system failure. 

  • Checking that all standby battery power supplies operate and recharge correctly to confirm that the system will operate satisfactorily in the event of a mains power loss.

  • Checking all audible and visual warning devices operate correctly when activated. 

  • Check all remote signalling equipment signals correctly to the appropriate source where applicable. 

  • Walk test all devices ensuring correct operation making sure they are all free from obstruction and functioning correctly.

No charge will be made for the labour involved for adjustments or corrections at this time. Any return visits, callouts or faulty equipment will be chargeable at a discounted rate.

Our 24-hour call-out service will be available 365 days per year in case of an emergency.

High quality service guaranteed

We will provide a full report breaking down the service provided along with a certificate of service at the end of the visit.

The table below provides full details of our Fire Alarms maintenance package.