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Office Emergency Lighting Maintenance

The Emergency Lighting Maintenance Scheme will consist of each light fitting being tested either once or twice per year depending on your requirements.

The yearly visit will include a three-hour discharge and the six-monthly visit will include a one-hour discharge where all batteries and lamps will be tested thoroughly. The cost to replace any parts will be provided.

The maintenance scheme will ensure peace of mind that your system is functioning correctly. A professional test certificate and report will be provided after each visit.

In the event of a fire or emergency, the emergency light fittings will direct and aid staff to evacuate the building in the correct way.

Our maintenance scheme complies with health and safety standards in the workplace.

Warranty is included on new systems installed.

The maintenance scheme will consist of: 

  • Checking that the function and performance of your emergency lights conform to that laid down in its specification.


  • Visually and electronically checking all circuits, connections and contacts for signs of deterioration to minimize the risk of equipment failure in the event of an emergency.


  • Checking that all standby power supplies operate and recharge correctly to confirm that the system will operate satisfactorily in the event of a power loss.


Any faulty parts will be replaced and will be chargeable. No charge will be made for the labour involved for adjustments or corrections required to the system at this time.

All other call-outs will be chargeable for time and materials. Any fault to your security lighting system will be attended to within 24 hours.

Our 24-hour call-out service will be available 365 days per year in case of an emergency.

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