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Our CCTV Maintenance Schemes have been designed to protect and prolong the life of your CCTV system. Your system will be tested once per year.

All cameras will be thoroughly cleaned and tested, we’ll check the condition of all power supplied along with checking control equipment. We’ll ensure that the hard drives are recording correctly and that the images/ streams are of the highest possible standard.

Upon completion of the visit a maintenance certificate will be provided, our CCTV Maintenance Scheme is approved by insurers. This will highlight any equipment that requires repair or replacement.

Warranty is included on new installations.

The CCTV Maintenance Schemes will consist of the following: 

  • Checking that the function and performance of your CCTV system and any movement detection conform to that laid down in their specification.

  • Visually and electronically checking of all circuits, connections and contacts for signs of deterioration, to minimize the risk of system failure. 

  • Checking that all power supplies operate correctly, and the load draw is within limits.
  • Check all PTZ, pan and tilt limits are correct and pre-set positions are programmed to the correct position.
  • Check any supplementary lighting works satisfactory. 

  • Check there is adequate signage in place. 

  • Check where applicable CCTV Remote signalling and site audio equipment is functioning correctly. 

  • Adjust and lubricate all moving parts to pro long the span of the equipment and reduce the risk of system failure. 

  • Fully clean all equipment and ensure that hard drives are functioning correctly, free from debris.


No charge will be made for the labour involved for adjustments or corrections at this time. Any return visits, callouts or faulty equipment will be chargeable at a discounted rate.

Our 24-hour call-out service will be available 365 days per year in case of emergency.

Insurance approved service

This scheme is fully insurance approved, providing reassurance that your CCTV system is functioning correctly.

The tables below detail our two CCTV maintenance packages.