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Automated Security Gates Doncaster

We provide Automated Electric Gate’s suited to a range of applications from securing your home to providing access control to commercial premises.


Secure premises 24/7

Automated gates increase your premises security with restricted access and gives you peace of mind that the gates are closed and stops unwanted visitors accessing your premises without permission.

Bespoke packages

R&S Security provide bespoke systems at affordable prices, our experienced designers will visit your premises and design the best system bespoke to your daily routine and athletics of your premises.

Privacy guaranteed

The Electric Automated Gates ensure ultimate privacy for your premises

What is the installation process from start to finish?

R&S Security work with clients throughout the whole journey from start to finish: premises surveying, ground works, gate and automation and installation. For any bespoke or new gates, R&S Security will liaise with the gate manufacturers. 

Each system comes with 12 months warranty and maintenance programme is available which reduces the chances of equipment failure or health and safety issues.

What are the different types of Automated Gates?

R&S Security provide a range automated gates that vary in designs from sliding gates to swinging with underground motors or swinging gates with over ground Hydraulic Rams. 

R&S Security provide a wide range of Electric Automated Gates that vary in design and are bespoke to suit your premises and budget and are listed below:

Swing gate

  • Traditional
  • Quick opening
  • Choice of opening direction: inwards or outwards
  • Compatible with slope opening

Sliding gate

  • Attractive and modern
  • Ideal for driveways with limited space
  • Requires a horizontal clearance surface


  • Car Parks
  • Service yards
  • Restricted areas

The gates can be operated from different devices such as remote fobs, mobile phone intercoms and many more.

We offer numerous ways of operating your Automated gates from Remote fobs, Mobile phone Intercoms or even remote keypads.

R&S Security ensure that all of the security systems comply with the highest industry standard.

Is there an industry standard and legislation for the installation of Gate Automation and why should an Installer comply with this standard?

In June 2010 the tragic deaths of 2 young children in separate incidents less than 1 week apart only served to highlight the safety issues facing the UK gate automation industry. All automatic gate systems by LAW must be installed in compliance with the Machinery Directive MD2006/42/EC and supporting standards as highlighted by recent safety advisories from the Health & Safety Executive.

The HSE are primarily responsible for any investigations carried out on gates where incidents have occurred and can prosecute installers or manufacturers accordingly. All Manufacturers and installers of automatic gate systems should take all necessary steps to meet compliance with the Machinery Directive to ensure their completed products are safe.

To aid manufacturers & installers in meeting the requirements for directive compliance, a harmonised product standard for gates was produced in 2003. The standard BS-EN13241-1:2003 provides an umbrella platform for creating a compliant gate product. The umbrella platform refers to supporting standards which contain information and requirements for various aspects of the gates performance & design.

 This guide is designed to provide installers with a summary of the key requirements of each supporting standard referred to by the product standard, and show how to apply appropriate solutions to meet each requirement.

All our engineers are fully qualified and highly trained and we are proud to be a member of Gate Safe. 

Click on the link below to view the guide to the safety legislation and standards 



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