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About Us - Commercial Security System Installation

Founded in 2007 by Richard Sanders and Scott Parkinson, we have over 30 years experience in the security industry. We are SSAIB Accredited (Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board), the industry quality standard certification body, which is recognised by both the insurance industry and police forces nationwide.


Earning our SSAIB accreditation in 2008 affirms that we have achieved the highest standards required to offer professional home and commercial security system installation services to enhance your properties security and protection. The careers of our directors span many years with the area’s leading security companies, acquiring numerous vocational and academic qualifications to become the highly skilled security engineers they are today. With the progression of the company and the enviable service we provide, the company has grown from strength-to-strength and in July 2011, we became a Limited Company.

We pledge to fully meet your security requirements, providing the highest standard of workmanship, combined with the latest and smartest security equipment, and ensuring that we comply with the latest security industry standards. We operate from modern offices in Doncaster with the latest IT systems operated by friendly and efficient staff who are responsible for our high level of customer service. We would like to thank all of our customers for their business over the years.

Richard Sanders

Managing Director

Guilty pleasure… Strawberry cheesecake with cream


Random fact about me… Works hard and plays hard


What inspired me to do what I do… Crime was on the up and I knew I could provide a service to help people


Slogan For Life… It's tough at the top!


All Time Dream… Own a Porsche GT2 RS

Scott Parkinson

Engineering Director

Guilty pleasure… Takeaways


What inspired me to do what I do… I hate crooks


Slogan For Life… Work hard, play hard


Favourite Holiday Destination… Barbados

Gareth Standeven


Likes… Playing and watching darts


What inspired me to do what I do… Interest in the security industry


Slogan For Life… It is what it is


Favourite Holiday Destination… Plan to travel more yet!

Remey Moses


Likes… Boxing


What inspired me to do what I do… Always wanted to do it from being young


I’d Love To Meet This Person Because… Me because i am one of a kind


At The Weekend I Love… Working and overtime


Ben Hutton


Random fact about me… I'm younger than I look


What inspired me to do what I do… I like fixing things


At The Weekend I Love… Overtime then football


Favourite Holiday Destination… Disney with the family

Rob Tonge


Likes, Music, family, my dogs, drinking tea.


RANDOM FACT, I'm a qualified scuba diver.


GUILTY PLEASURE, I like Pina Coladas & Rupet Holmes. 



Scott McArthur


Likes… Football & Cycling  


Guilty pleasure…ALDI's Chocolate Pudding     


All Time Dream…To own a German Shepard when I retire      


I’d Love To Meet This Person Because…Karl Pilkington so we can have a moan about life


Andy Taylor


Likes… Football,Films and Music 


Guilty pleasure…The film Titanic     


Random fact about me…Once fitted an alarm for the magician Paul Daniels     


I’d Love To Meet This Person Because…Professor Brian Cox because he knows everything


Rich Torn


Favourite holiday destination... Anywhere away from other people in my Land Rover. 


Random fact about me… I build expedition vehicles and take them off-grid. 


All-time dream… To tour the Artic Circle and Morocco by 4X4. 


My Party Trick… Champion at Fire Jenga. 

Tony Sanders


Likes… DIY and fishing


What inspired me to do what I do… I like electronics


At The Weekend I Love… Opening a good red wine


Favourite Holiday Destination… Only where it's warm

Callum Haller


Guilty pleasure… Disney films


Slogan For Life... No wife, good life


I’d Love To Meet This Person Because… Stephen Fry, the guys a legend


At The Weekend I Love… Chill, football and seeing family


Nathan Wood


Guilty pleasure… Swiping right on tinder.


Random fact about me… Part of the Olympic Team for BMX. 


All-time dream… To become a professional boxer. 


My Party Trick… Downing Pints

Amanda Richardson

Office Manager

Likes… Good food, good friends and a good bottle of red


Slogan For Life… What goes around comes around!


I’d Love To Meet This Person Because… Pink she is awesome


My Party Trick… Too old to do it anymore!

Carol Hadfield

Accounts Administrator

Guilty pleasure… Rhubarb Gin


Slogan For Life… Go for it!


All Time Dream… Live by a lock in Scotland


Gini Fox

Office Administrator

Guilty pleasure… Milk chocolate bounty


What inspired me to do what I do… My enjoyment of meeting lots of new people


Slogan For Life… One life, live it!


Kelsey Parkinson

Sales & Marketing Administrator

Guilty pleasure… Dr Pepper


Random fact about me… I love maths 


Slogan For Life…  Work hard spend even harder


Alfie Moon

General Dogs Body

Guilty pleasure… Sausage and mash with onion gravy


Random fact about me… I love to greet customers at the office door


Slogan For Life… It's a dogs life!


My Party Trick… Balance a biscuit on my nose

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